Volunteer Agreement

I  agree to preform the volunteer duties (referred to as “Activity”} to which I am assigned to the best of my ability and in a professional manner. I acknowledge that as a volunteer, I am not an employed of Long County or any subdivision thereof, and therefor I am not entitled to any compensation or benefits for  my services, including workers’ compensation benefits. I represent and warrant that I am volunteering my services solely for personal reasons, including a desire to support the community, and have no expectation of receiving and financial or other benefit from the government of Long County, its officials, officers, or employees.

I acknowledge that there may be certain risks related to the Activity. I hereby state and affirm that:

  1. In consideration of being allowed to take part in this Activity, I agree to release and hold harmless the County, it’s elected officials, officers, employees, and agents from all liability from any harm or injury that I make incur as a result of participating in the Activity, excluding proven gross negligence by the County.
  2. I authorize the County staff to assist me by obtaining appropriate emergency medical treatment for me in the    event of an accident, injury, or illness.
  3. I hereby release and forever hold harmless the County, it’s freeholders, officers, employees or agents from any claims whatsoever which arise or may hereafter arise on account of any first aid, treatment or service rendered in connection with participation in the Activity.
  4. I understand that any volunteer activity includes inherent risks, hazards, and dangers that can cause or lead to injury. Some, but not all of these risks include: falls, slips, cuts, and bruises and tick-borne illnesses. I understand that the County cannot eliminate any of these risks.
  5. I understand that the County does not carry medical insurance for volunteers, arid I attest to having appropriate medical insurance to protect me in the event of an accident, injury, or illness.
  6. I understand that the County can refuse to accept my services at any time without notice.
  7. The terms of this Agreement shall be binding on my heirs, executor, administrator and all members of my family

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