Long County Rec Department  participated in the  State GRPA Cross Country Meet  in Jefferson Ga.  October 8th 

This is the second year we have had this sport at our rec  department.  Liberty County also added this sport to their rec this year so we were able to race each other  several Saturdays which helped both departments get ready for state.     This year the state added team placing awards if you had four athletes  in that age group.  Each athlete from your county is given points based on their placement at the finishline and the team with the least amount of points won team ranking.   Long County Was able to get first place team  in 8 U girls,  First place team in 12u girls and First place team in 14 U boys.   ” We are very proud of all of these kids for their hard work and dedication the last few months.  We have some kids who have shaved over 7-8 minutes on their run times.  Thats huge,” 

 Macey Higgason finished first place at the state GRPA  state meet amd was first place overall out of all of the  14u girls and has won this first place title two years in a row breaking the state record last year!

Trevor Kuchar finshed third place this year out of all of the 14U boys and their team also won first place team.

8U girls team was Yuna Edwards, Aryona Nicely, Poppy Phillippe, Evelyn Rahming and Gloralyn Rahmling

12u girls   team was Bella Gardner, Aaralyn Ruise,  Madison Spurgeon and Demi Wasdin

14u boys team was Trevor Kuchar, Kelvin Hayes, William Lloyd and Xackery Magley

Individual trophy placements was Macey Higgason 1st place state and 3rd place state Trevor Kucha